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IV. Where Sin Has Left

T-26.IV.1. Forgiveness is this world's equivalent of Heaven's justice. 2 It translates the world of sin into a simple world, where justice can be reflected from beyond the gate behind which total lack of limits lies. 3 Nothing in boundless love could need forgiveness. 4 And what is charity within the world gives way to simple justice past the gate that opens into Heaven. 5 No one forgives unless he has believed in sin, and still believes that he has much to be forgiven. 6 Forgiveness thus becomes the means by which he learns he has done nothing to forgive. 7 Forgiveness always rests upon the one who offers it, until he sees himself as needing it no more. 8 And thus is he returned to his real function of creating, which his forgiveness offers him again.

T-26.IV.2. Forgiveness turns the world of sin into a world of glory, wonderful to see. 2 Each flower shines in light, and every bird sings of the joy of Heaven. 3 There is no sadness and there is no parting here, for everything is totally forgiven. 4 And what has been forgiven must join, for nothing stands between to keep them separate and apart. 5 The sinless must perceive that they are one, for nothing stands between to push the other off. 6 And in the space that sin left vacant do they join as one, in gladness recognizing what is part of them has not been kept apart and separate.

T-26.IV.3. The holy place on which you stand is but the space that sin has left. 2 And here you see the face of Christ, arising in its place. 3 Who could behold the face of Christ and not recall His Father as He really is? 4 Who could fear love, and stand upon the ground where sin has left a place for Heaven's altar to rise and tower far above the world, and reach beyond the universe to touch the Heart of all creation? 5 What is Heaven but a song of gratitude and love and praise by everything created to the Source of its creation? 6 The holiest of altars is set where once sin was believed to be . 7 And here does every light of Heaven come, to be rekindled and increased in joy. 8 For here is what was lost restored to them, and all their radiance made whole again.

T-26.IV.4. Forgiveness brings no little miracles to lay before the gate of Heaven. 2 Here the Son of God Himself comes to receive each gift that brings him nearer to his home. 3 Not one is lost, and none is cherished more than any other. 4 Each reminds him of his Father's Love as surely as the rest. 5 And each one teaches him that what he feared he loves the most. 6 What but a miracle could change his mind, so that he understands that love cannot be feared? 7 What other miracle is there but this? 8 And what else need there be to make the space between you disappear?

T-26.IV.5. Where sin once was perceived will rise a world that will become an altar to the truth, and you will join the lights of Heaven there, and sing their song of gratitude and praise. 2 And as they come to you to be complete, so will you go with them. 3 For no one hears the song of Heaven and remains without a voice that adds its power to the song, and makes it sweeter still. 4 And each one joins the singing at the altar that was raised within the tiny spot that sin proclaimed to be its own. 5 And what was tiny then has soared into a magnitude of song in which the universe has joined with but a single voice.

T-26.IV.6. This tiny spot of sin that stands between you and your brother still is holding back the happy opening of Heaven's gate. 2 How little is the hindrance that withholds the wealth of Heaven from you. 3 And how great will be the joy in Heaven when you join the mighty chorus to the Love of God!