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Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.

W-249.1. Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. 2 Attack is gone, and madness has an end. 3 What suffering is now conceivable? 4 What loss can be sustained? 5 The world becomes a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. 6 It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the light that it reflects. 7 And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the light from which he came.

W-249.2. Father, we would return our minds to You. 2 We have betrayed them, held them in a vise of bitterness, and frightened them with thoughts of violence and death. 3 Now would we rest again in You, as You created us.