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My body is a wholly neutral thing.

W-294.1. I am a Son of God. 2 And can I be another thing as well? 3 Did God create the mortal and corruptible? 4 What use has God's beloved Son for what must die? 5 And yet a neutral thing does not see death, for thoughts of fear are not invested there, nor is a mockery of love bestowed upon it. 6 Its neutrality protects it while it has a use. 7 And afterwards, without a purpose, it is laid aside. 8 It is not sick nor old nor hurt. 9 It is but functionless, unneeded and cast off. 10 Let me not see it more than this today; of service for a while and fit to serve, to keep its usefulness while it can serve, and then to be replaced for greater good.

W-294.2. My body, Father, cannot be Your Son. 2 And what is not created cannot be sinful nor sinless; neither good nor bad. 3 Let me, then, use this dream to help Your plan that we awaken from all dreams we made.